Pokemon Corner

Welcome to Grizzy’s Pokémon Corner!

This is for my personal ruminations regarding the Pokémon Games.  It wanders the grey area between review and fanfiction, so I’m going to give fair warning that Pokémon itself, and all names and such relating to it, are not mine and I would not ever attempt to step on any toes regarding ownership.  I enjoy the games too much to disrespect them like that.  That said, the opinions and such are mine, and so the specifics of the posts belong to me.  Be nice and play fair.

Pokémon AmberQuartz

In Development!  Pokémon AmberQuartz, the adventures of Erica Redwood in the world of Pokémon as she travels to complete the Pokédex that was a gift from her father, Professor Keith Redwood.

If you have any comments or feedback, please, drop me a line.  I live for audience response.

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