Castellan Dreams

Welcome to the world of Castellan Dreams!

The world of Castellan Dreams is a  Steampunk style fantasy world with both magic and gadgetry, not to mention the action and romance.  The Northern Empire stands with Roman grandeur opposite the Southern Empire with a more Arabic flair.  Between them are the Buffer Nations; Castellan, Reis-Bohnen, the Forest of the Dryads with the Ravens Mountain beside.

Castellan Dreams: Traveler

This is my rewrite of the original document that began in 2007.  When I originally round-filed the manuscript it had reached 75 chapters and was maybe halfway through the tale.  For better or worse, I am going to let the tale be what it will be.  I have changed the format, though.  Instead of each chapter being 2500 to 2800 words, some upwards of 3000, I’m splitting it into story arcs and splitting those into smaller chapters.  There will end up being much more than 75 chapters, but it should make for easier reading.

Story Arc One: Childhood

Story Arc Two: Flight

Story Arc Three: Friendship

Story Arc Four: War

  • Chapter One – 8-13-15 Two leave Castellan and one finds a forgotten grotto
  • Chapter Two – 8-14-15 A visit to a doomed city by one who was never truly there

Story Arc Five: Aftermath

Story Arc Six: Marking Time

Castellan Dreams: The Firebird’s Daughter

This is the version of the tale called The Firebird’s Daughter.  This was an attempt at rebooting the massive saga that began in 2007 by replacing the character of Goldeneyes Dreamsail with that of one of her daughters and adding the participation of Aleister Magus, also called Simon Ambrosius in other works,  a mysterious man who works with Destiny Dreamsail.

Chapter One     Chapter Two     Chapter Three     Chapter Four     Chapter Five     Chapter Six     Chapter Seven     Chapter Eight   Chapter Nine    Chapter Ten      Chapter Eleven


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