Short Stories

For lack of a better categorizing system, this is what I’ll be working with at the moment.

I do, on occasion, write short, almost stand-alone stories relating to the various worlds that I work with regularly.  Some of those stories are actually quite old.  I’ll try to note where they predate my association with the Mysterious Co-Writer and where they were influenced by others that I’ve worked with over time.

— — —
Tales of Old Haven – stories relating to the oldest time period in my development of the story universe, it’s a time that the current characters simply call “the Old Universes”.  Traveler powers were largely limitless and the stories were heavily influenced by the role-playing games held by my friends in high school, especially the universe developed by Dr. Jonathan Scott Coolidge (yes, he’s a doctor now but which kind escapes my memory).

  • The House of Chaos – a tale about a house that embodies the element of chaos and what waits within.  The House itself was originally developed by Jon Coolidge.  This particular story was written in 2000.

— — —

Tales of Kien-Altair – stories relating to the world of Kien-Altair, a world I often refer to as my Masterwork in world building.  Everything I know about worlds, about cultures, about how history is influenced by technology and development, about how history becomes legend becomes myth, everything I have ever learned is put into this particular world.  Eventually I hope to build languages to add flavor to the different cultures, as it is there is the basic framework included of a language I use on multiple worlds.  Kien-Altair is, in origin, based on the Standard Fantasy setting, but it is so much more than that because it actually matures.  It grows from the Fantasy into the Steampunk and into Adventure and ultimately into Modern Fantasy.

  • Starve a Cold; Feed the Healer – a tale of the extraordinary events in a town in the Steampunk era of Kien-Altair’s history, though set in their version of “The Old West”.  This town, and the inhabitants thereof, is important for other tales and other characters, though initially it was an exploration of a magical system that I was looking into as something different.  I’m no longer certain when this was written, but I believe that it predates my association with the Mysterious Co-Writer.
  • A Cry in the Darkness – a tale set in the Orient of Kien-Altair, relatively early in the historical progression.  It’s something of a prequel story, in that it sets up the origin of a character who has fascinated me since I first developed the concept.  This particular tale was written in 2009.

— — —

Holiday and Assorted other offerings – tales that don’t fit into the larger spectrum of the Grizzyverse… but which are offered here in spite of that.

  • No Christmas for Santa? – a tale of Christmastime and the reason why the holiday exists at all.  It’s part of the larger concept that I have for Santa Claus Incorporated and was written in December of 2007.


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  1. You are a very smart person!

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