About the Writers

Maracae Grizzley is the pen-name for a writer who has been honing her craft from the tender age of six.  Given the peculiarities of the Internet, she’s hesitant to use her Real Life Name at the moment… mostly because most of those who would know her would know her by other names.  MrsGrizzley, Maracae Grizzley, Grizzy, Capnut Kate, Tiraleen, Telira, Lady_Goldeneyes… and possibly others that escape memory at the moment.

She is an active member on several websites, including the Fan Community of ElfQuest, the Final Fantasy Role Playing site of FFWorldzCom, and the pixel art community of Microheroes International.

The Mysterious Co-Writer is Maracae Grizzley’s assistant and partner in storytelling.  Whether he will choose to make his identity known is a matter that is still to be determined, but his contribution is invaluable.  They met through a role-playing site and quickly realized that they had complementary styles and could work well together.

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