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Christmas is…

Christmas is because of the season.

Christmas is our cultural expression of an age old celebration, no matter what any given culture might call it.

Christmas is Light and Life and Love.

Christmas is standing up to the darkness and glaring back at it.  Humanity rising as a whole to tell the shadow that it has no victory, that the cold and the snow will not last forever.  It is the power of the human will looking death in the face and shouting that we will not go gently into an endless night, that Spring will come again.  The Seasons will turn and return and bring the Sun back into the skies and with that Light the life of growing things.

For the Christian who celebrates the birth of the Son of God in this season, that birth is all these things and more.  But belief in that birth is not necessary for Christmas.

The Season is the Reason that Christmas is.

So for all those dealing with the ravages of Winter, both literal and metaphorical, for all those of us who look forward to a healing that has not yet come, this is Our Season and Our Celebration.  Let us honor it with the love and support of those who wish us best, with gifts and all the sweet things we crave so much.

Come shout back at the night with me.

Christmas is.

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