Saved by the Sixth Man

I recently reset my copy of Pokemon Black so that I could play through the story again and I’m having a pretty good time with it… though sometimes things don’t end up the way I expected them to.  I always seem to have a story going on in the back of my head, though, so that leads to some interesting interpretations of events.

In my teams, the sixth man is always a Pickup artist.  Sometimes the fifth is too, but always the sixth.  Their whole purpose is to carry HM moves for transportation and such and find random items along the way.  They usually don’t battle unless it’s to gather more items through the use of Covet.  Because of this, lately they’re usually Linoone traded in at far too high a level for the Trainer to efficiently use.  After all, higher level = better finds.

So I go in to Clay’s Gym in Driftveil and I’m feeling like crap.  My meds have me sick as the proverbial Growlithe with my head spinning so bad that I feel like my Dreamcatcher Munna’s been pranking me with Confusion.  I make it through the warm up Trainers just fine and then I face Clay.

I have a well-trained Leavanny, an even better trained Dewott, and my Herdier has Rock Smash… this should be a freakin’ cakewalk.

… but damn, how’d those cakes start walking themselves all over me?

The only thing worse than a Pokemon being confused is the Trainer.  I don’t actually know when I lost positive control of the situation, but his Excadrill did a hell of a job on me.  Next thing I know I was down by three Pokemon (the Dewott, the Herdier, and my Archen) and Ceddie, my Leavanny, was holding on by the very nails on his pincers.

But I won.  Damnit, all that and my Pokemon still pulled through for me.  I love these games.

So I stumble back outside and… make a wrong turn on the way to the Center.  Yes, I’m leading a ravaged team in dire need of healing and I get ambushed by Bianca.

I don’t begrudge the girl a fair fight… she could seriously use the self confidence, but this is ridiculous.  I’m left with a nearly collapsed Leavanny (who finishes the process fairly quickly into the battle.  Arceus bless you, Ceddie, you’re a loyal friend), my Excadrill, and the Sixth Man, Hoodlum, the Linoone.

Hoodlum saved my butt today.  Thank Arceus I had that shiny new Badge, though.  I wonder where I can find some Poke Treats… my team deserves them.

… now to get Archea her wings…

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