A Message in a Bottle

A message to Pola, the Afghani newborn girl whose life was saved by soldiers from Poland…

Pola, God has preserved your life.  As you, a fragile newborn child, lay in the desert sands, I have no doubt that you were watched over by angels until the ones that God has chosen could find you.

God has a purpose for you and through you the world will be blessed.  You are a gift to the world and all of God’s gifts are good ones, intended for blessing and not for cursing.

But Pola, the only ones who have the right to decide the nature of your purpose and how you will live it out are you and the God who made you.  It may be that you will lead your Afghani sisters to greater equality with each other and with men, because how a man treats those weaker than himself is how he treats God.  It may be that Poland needs you and the wisdom that God will give you in life.  It may be that you are intended to be a candle in the darkness of a very cruel and brutal wasteland.  It may simply be that God has a child He wishes to call you “Mother”.

Whatever your purpose is, it is a great and wonderful one.  But no one has the right to tell you what your purpose is, or how you will fulfill it.

The greatest gift of my life, next to the arrival of the four-footed angel who is my pet dog, was the day I realized what my purpose was.  I was born to influence people.  But even knowing that… the ways I could have gone about fulfilling that purpose are multitude.  I chose to use words.  I chose to educate myself in writing and storytelling as my medium of influence.

What you are here to do and how you choose to do it… deciding that is God’s gift to you and you alone, because you are precious to Him, precious and beautiful and wondrous to behold.

I pray for you, Pola.  I pray that you will be given the wisdom to know your path and the strength to follow it as you would choose to follow it.  And I thank God for the blessing that you are and will yet be.

I don’t normally post things like this, but I saw the story this morning through Yahoo and one of the comments made by readers was speculation about what little Pola might one day accomplish.  So that’s where this came from.  I know the chances that she or anyone associated with her might see this is infinitesimal… but so were her chances of survival in that desert.

And who knows?  Maybe someone else who needs to see this will do so.  The Internet is a very strange and wondrous place, like Wonderland in that way.  I throw this message in a bottle onto the Internet seas with the prayer that it will serve a purpose that is good and helpful.

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