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At last, Chapter Eight!

Okay, so I’ve been a LOT slower than I intended to be.  There are lots of reasons, not all of which relate to the Pokemon addiction, which is finally calming down, and none of which would really do a lot of good to get into here.

Everyone has their problems, after all, and writers have them more than most I would guess.  All that creativity almost requires that there be something going on unseen that makes for a difficult life.  But since the only creative types I know have these problems in one form or another, I might be getting skewed data.

In any event, Chapter Eight of Castellan Dreams has finally been posted and I think that I’ve made the edits to it that I needed to.  I had originally intended to do more in the way of showing the funeral of Prince Jules, but as I was unable to write any new scenes relating to that… well, I round-filed the intention in favor of getting something posted.

I hope to get Chapter Nine ready soon.  I’m getting a lot of preliminary work done on some chapters that are going to be a ways down the line, closer to Chapter 13 or so, I think, and I’m going to have to start writing chapters from a clean page at that point because events are not going to play out like they did in the previous version.  I’d like to get there as soon as I can because I’ve got the interest right now and I don’t want to lose momentum again.

It takes far too long to get momentum going once I’ve lost it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my work.  Thank you so very much.

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