Explaining Chapter Five

I’m not usually one for obscure references and such, but there are things I come across in reading and wikiwalking around the Internet that are just too fascinating to me and I simply cannot resist the chance to use them.  Case in point, the line in Chapter Five about Destiny being “one part Moirai in a single body and one part Tyche, with all the complicated roles and positions implied by both…”.  Now I realize that most people won’t know the Moirai or Tyche by those names.  “The Fates” and “Lady Luck” are much more commonly familiar terms.

But I just couldn’t help myself.

To be completely honest, the figure of Destiny Dreamsail is very intentionally crafted around the old mythological figures and their symbologies.  She was envisioned from the beginning as a physical embodiment of those concepts and so I built her abilities and her limitations around the concept of Fate and all those complicated relationships that are part of such a role.  She has always been strongly telekinetic and associated with weaving, both as a mundane endeavor and as a magical one.  Sometimes I chose to interpret her role somewhat more creatively than the literal aspect of weaving.

Sometimes, I use the most literal interpretation possible.

I’ll be honest, though, sometimes these connections surprise me.  While Destiny was intentionally crafted to be a Fate and an embodiment of “Lady Luck”, other figures were not so purposeful in their mythological underpinnings.

Case in point: Goldeneyes Dreamsail, who is Tresoria Dauris’ mother.  This version of the Castellan Dreams story is called “The Firebird’s Daughter” because Goldeneyes has taken on many of the traits associated with the Firebird and the Phoenix.  I found this out by sheer chance sometime in the past, I’m not sure exactly when, when I was doing some Wikiwalking around the legends and such surrounding certain Asian figures.

In fact, it was during the preliminary lead-up to the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) project that I called “The Phoenix and the Dragoon”, which was about Goldeneyes and her romantic counterpart, Cearnach a’Pendrac.  Coincidentally, that project was what put the final nails in the coffin of the previous version of Castellan Dreams.  Cearnach eventually became Kenshin and Kenshin was not going to tolerate his Goldeneyes in the arms of another man…

In any event, as I was researching the Four Beasts, or whatever they’re called (the Firebird, the Dragon, the Tiger, and the Turtle) as a possible reinterpretation of the Major Houses of Faerie in a world setting I call FaerieEarth (yes, I’ll get around to posting stories in that world, but I want to get Castellan Dreams going strongly first), I started seeing more and more of the traits of the Firebird/Phoenix in the figure that was Goldeneyes at the time.

Whenever a writer finds these connections, these resonances, then there is a choice that can be made.  I could change Goldeneyes to avoid the issue; I could ignore the matter and leave things as they were; or I could embrace it and run with it as a theme.  Effectively saying “I meant that” and invoking “it’s a feature not a bug”.

Generally speaking, if it’s at all possible, I choose to run with things because I just like these sort of things.

So Goldeneyes became Lady Firebird and I began to consciously invoke Phoenix-like images in telling her story.

So as a point of explanation, here is a series of links to various locations that should help explain some of the references which I was making within Chapter Five of Castellan Dreams: the Firebird’s Daughter.

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