Updates and Developments

Greetings all, and I hope everyone is having a good day.

I just managed to post the third chapter of Castellan Dreams: the Firebird’s Daughter.  I’m able to post them fairly quickly at the moment because I’m still working largely with material I have been able to salvage from the previous version of the tale.  That will likely change as I get closer to Chapter Eight or so, depending on whether the Knight remains a Knight or becomes a Prince.  I have written scenes in the past with him in both roles and it’s simply a matter of finding the one that is the most interesting and causes the least amount of headaches later on.

However, if any readers might have an opinion one way or the other, please, let me know what you think.

In case anyone is curious as to the process that I follow with something like this, it’s very simple.  I have discovered that the best way to test whether a given scene is going to work or not is to simply write it up, or in the case of material developed with my Co-Writer, discuss it with him, and see how the consequences fall.  Given that I am fully aware of just how strongly my characters rate on the Mary Sue Index, consequences are my saving grace, so to speak.

It’s a matter of knowing how actions affect each other, Cause and Effect.  If Event A happens, then what will that trigger in the immediate future, or perhaps further down the line?  How will the characters react to said Event?  If Mary Sue B decides to show off and go all God Mode, how will that affect how others, in universe, perceive her?

Though, I will admit, some of the questions The Mysterious Co-Writer asks make me stop and blink at him because he’s asking about things and considerations that I, simply, never took into account.  It’s why working with a Co-Writer is such a fascinating endeavor for me.  It opens up a whole range of options that would never have been possible without the influence of a second mind, a second viewpoint.

It’s why I say that his contribution is invaluable.

In any event, I hope that the story is meeting with approval.  I know there’s not much of it so far, but it would be nice to think that it’s going well.

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