Opening the Den

Welcome to The Grizzley Den, which will house original fiction that I write, sometimes with the assistance of my co-writer… though he rates his contribution closer to that of a ghost writer… and I think he values himself too little.

I am still deciphering the means of building this site, so it’s likely to remain in development while I figure out what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it.

At the moment I plan to begin posting the first tale, preliminarily titled “Castellan Dreams: the Firebird’s Daughter” as soon as I can.  It is a revision of an old series that was left unfinished because the characters involved started… well, let’s just say that there was no way to get a happy ending given some of the dynamics that were developing.  Even a positive outcome would have involved tragedy on some level and I wasn’t prepared for that because it would have broken several rules of fiction regarding the trust between author and audience.

I do take the relationship between author and audience very seriously.  This is why I’m a writer.  I like seeing the reactions of my readers and I especially enjoy taking those reactions into account when crafting a tale.  For the major epics, like I anticipate Castellan Dreams to be, I tend to closely plot several chapters ahead, but anything beyond that is a vague limbo that can be altered to adjust to an audience and their preferences.

In some cases to a greater degree than others.

“Castellan Dreams: the Firebird’s Daughter” is predicated on several other tales that I will also be publishing through this site to the best of my ability, so there is some interaction between the epics.  Hopefully this will not become too complicated for a reader to follow, I’ve been working with these characters, in some cases, for most of my life in one form or another.

Now, I need to get back to going through the particulars of setting things up.  Have a good day, and thank you for stopping by my Den.

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