Welcome to The Grizzley Den!

This is the home for the original fiction of Maracae Grizzley, some of which is written with the assistance of The Mysterious Co-Writer, who still hasn’t decided on a better name for himself for the purposes of this site.  Go figure.

Grizzy’s Notebook

Grizzy’s Notebook is a collection of assorted posts that cover a variety of subjects.  There’s a lot on Maracae Grizzley’s mind and sometimes it just has to find its way onto a page in some form or fashion.

The World of Castellan Dreams

The tales set in the world of Castellan Dreams, a place of Steampunk Fantasy where gears and gadgets meet magic and all sorts of political mayhem.  Like all the worlds in the Grizzyverse, this one is subject to continued development.  The original tale written in 2007 and lasted seventy-five chapters and into 2009.  It underwent numerous reboot attempts because, let’s face it, that’s a lot of story to just lose.  For better or for worse, the story as it was originally written is being restored, with some few alterations for later development.

The Meta-verse

Most of the fascinating interaction of the characters of the Grizzyverse doesn’t actually take place within that universe.  It takes place within a pseudo environment called the Meta-verse where Maracae Grizzley keeps a Residence that houses all her characters, as well as a storage facility for plots and settings that she’s not currently using.  Hidden within the Facility is an area known as Cold Storage, where characters are kept in stasis, in the hopes that one day they can be revived and find their way into tales yet again.

For Speaking Meta ICly – 1-23-2014

Pokémon Corner

Yes, Maracae Grizzley is a grown woman of more than three decades.  Yes, she plays Pokémon and enjoys it greatly.  Pokémon belongs to people other than her, though, so this is a place where fanfiction and review meet and dance.  In development is a project she calls Pokémon AmberQuartz, the tale of Erica Redwood as she travels to complete a Pokédex and come to terms the her father’s legacy.

If you have any comments or feedback, please, drop me a line.  I live for audience response.


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    WRITE MORE DAMMIT! Cru * leaves you free hugs all over the place *

  2. Why hello there. You may remember me as Rhynn Wanderer. Jus wandering over to wave hello. ^_^

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